Fully Featured Dashboard – Professional Version.

The Consultant Dashboard includes the ability to either set the features themselves or can be immediately added by our project manager:

Create a Project

Duplicate a Master Project Set to allow Subjects to add Rater

Questionnaire Features

-Set, change and review all questions and competency statements. Upload competencies using our competency template. -Set or modify introductory text for each rater type -Add/remove questionnaire sections -View questionnaire variable to be able to automatically set raters gender pronouns and allow the text to read correctly if displayed to subjects rather than users.

Competency Features

-Add Competency Sub Sections to create a two tier competency structure -Set a seniority statement to each level -Add introductory text to each Rater Type

Emails Communications

Select email to automatically trigger through the projects setup, live and report phase

Proofing Checklist

Proof all aspects of the project through a finalize check list which restricts the project from going live and keeps the email queue gate closed until all personalised emails are proofed and you are ready to start the project. Generate the email templates for the different Rater Types (Managers, Peers etc.)

Controlling the Project

Live Control -Control the Project at the point of going live. Control button to generate the email templates for the Consultant and for the different Rater Types (Managers, Peers etc.), and generates and queues personalized emails to the Consultant. Personalized emails to the Subjects and Raters will be generated once they have been assigned. -Subjects and Raters will now be able to log in and see the questionnaire on their dashboards. Email Gate Open the email gate to allow the automated emails to be sent out. The gate can be closed and reopened again at any time.

Users Management

-Use a spreadsheet to upload multiply users using our excel template -Change user name to a pseudonymise data -Delete users -Assign Subjects

Subjects and Raters Management

-Assign Subjects directly -Assign Raters directly -Allow Raters to update their data even when completed -Send manual emails to individual subjects, selected subjects or all subjects -Send manual email to individual raters, selected raters or all raters -Enable subjects to download their reports automatically -Show progress of subject Unassign subject -Flush results for subjects and raters

Monitoring your project

-Bar graphs that expand with full details to Check subjects are adding their Raters in a timely fashion -Rater response rate Bar graph that expands with full details to check progress. Reports cannot be generated until the bar reaches 100%, i.e. the minimum number have been assigned.

Email Management

View Queued Emails to see the personalized emails that are going out to users, and when they are set to trigger. An email account can be used to communicate and respond to all queries from all users especially Subjects and Rater. Use of third party Sendgrid to provide information about delivery of all emails.


You can generate the report for each Subject, review comments entered by the raters and if in appropriate choose to edit the Merge Rater Types (for example, if the minimum number of Peers and Direct Reports haven't been assigned, you can merge the feedback from both sets) Export results to Excel for further analysis Send Alert to the subject to inform them their report has been approved and ready to be viewed Batch print reports when there is many raters.