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If an organisation really believes its greatest assets are its people, then it should properly engage, nurture and develop them.  Organisations that are truly committed to continuous improvement take proactive steps to ensure their people are equipped with the necessary skills and behaviours to perform their roles in a productive, efficient and enjoyable manner. Skill and behaviour development is costly and return on investment is key. Gathering data and feedback from a range of sources on the skill levels that exist within the organisation enables intelligence about where to best focus resources and achieve this aim. 

360 degree feedback surveys are one of the best ways that an organisation can gather such feedback and support employee development, and this is achieved in three main ways:.

  1. by increasing the collective intelligence on where learning development resources should be deployed for best effect

  2. giving the individuals specific, tailored feedback to increase their awareness of their strengths and development areas

  3. all individuals taking part as either participants or responders gain an increased awareness of desirable leadership and citizenship behaviours in both themselves and others. Having a consistent framework outlining what good looks like allows both individuals and their managers to have open and clear conversations about what is 

Tiffany Bowles

Tiffany of Redkite Leadership has a wealth of consulting experience from working with organisations across all sectors, offering strategic insight and solutions to a wide range of challenges. She is skilled and trusted to provide creative solutions and manage the design and delivery of major development, assessment and change projects for clients. She has held senior leadership positions managing the consultancy departments for OPP and also HDA. Where she ensured commercial success and excellent customer satisfaction through the accurate identification and provision of just the right solution to exactly meet the client's requirements.

360 Feedback Manager was approached by Tiffany, who was looking for a 360 degree  feedback service that fitted more closely into the leadership development programmes she offers to medium-to-large sized businesses and organisations.

​ In addition to incorporating her  leadership algorithms we were also able to add additional customised options to the structure   of the questionnaire and the reports, resulting in greater richness of data and an added  degree of refinement to raters' answers.

After successful testing and implementation we were able to incorporate the additional questionnaire and report options into our  standard 360 Degree Feedback Manager service, which grows and develops with each new bespoke project we undertake. 

​The algorithms however remain the intellectual property of the client (in this case, Tiffany) and are not added to our standard service.

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