Self Managed Platform

Our licensed Self Managed Platform enables you to manage all aspects of your 360 degree feedback projects yourself via your own customized dashboard. The email communications with subjects and raters are all automated, though we can if required answer any additional queries they may have during the project.

We also offer the facility to have our platform hosted on your own dedicated server, for which we charge a setup fee, a monthly licence fee for unlimited usage and a maintenance fee.

Are you looking for:

  • A system that can handle raters from both inside and outside of your organisation?

  • A fully automated system that manages all email communications and notifications?

  • Customisable reports

  • The facility to group employees according to their seniority level and/or skill sets?

  • Integration into your or your client's existing HR system a single sign-on?

  • Different permissions for the 360 Consultant, Administrator  and Stakeholders in addition to the Subjects and Raters?

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With our Self Managed Platform you have a fully featured Consultant's Dashboard that allows you to set up and monitor your project/s and download reports.

You can check and if necessary amend all aspects of the project including the parameters, questionnaire, competencies, email communications and reports. For further details see the Consultant Dashboard Features document.

Additional features may be developed if required.

Management Services (optional)

The platform is designed to enable you to fully administer a 360 degree feedback project.

However, in order to run projects successfully and comply with regulatory requirements there are additional factors that must be taken into account before, during and after the project:

  1. Pre-project requirements agreement and third-party client setup

  2. Project administration, liaison, monitoring and co-ordination

  3. Post-project cleanup (GDPR compliance)

If required we can provide the above as individual management services or give you training so that you can carry them out yourself.

Pre-project Requirements Agreement and Third-party Client Setup

Firstly we collate and document your project requirements. Any changes to the requirements are managed via email.

We then set up your project on our platform. Following setup we liaise with your client's IT department in order to test email communications and confirm full access through your client's firewalls. This ensures that your raters have clear lines of communication with our platform from the project start date.

If necessary we also liaise with your client's legal department to ensure compliance with their due diligence processes and respond fully to any risk assessment requirements. This avoids any unexpected delays in implementing the project.

Finally, we sign off the agreed Project Requirements and pass them to the Project Administrator.

Project Administration, Liaison, Monitoring and Co-ordination

The Project Administrator sets up the project as detailed below:

  • Inputs the project parameters and all users' details from the Project Requirements document

  • If necessary, edits the static text content of the email notifications, the questionnaires and competency statements and the  report.

We then manage communications with the Subjects and Raters throughout the project, following procedures agreed with you beforehand, and which are often sensitive in their nature. If necessary, the Project Administrator will also make agreed changes to the project to ensure a high level of engagement and quality of feedback.

Project liaison, monitoring and co-ordination includes:

  • Sending out pre-agreed email notifications

  • Handling any participant logging on, telephone and email enquiries

  • Managing reasonable communications with end-users (i.e. the Subjects and Raters) throughout the project, following procedures agreed with “the client” beforehand, and which are often sensitive in their nature.

  • Making reasonable changes to the project to ensure a high level of engagement and quality of feedback.

  • Managing any reasonable late registrations and extending the date of data gathering once if necessary

  • Provision of a dashboard for you to monitor and run off reports

Post-Project Cleanup (GDPR Compliance)

If required, we can remove all or anonymise the data to ensure compliance with data protection policies.

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