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About us

​360 Degree Feedback Manager is a product of LMS Global, an IT company which works with Learning and Development consultants to provide bespoke Learning Management systems and smart e-learning content.

Since 2000 we have helped organizations around the world to measure the effectiveness and cost-benefit of their internal and third-party training programs. We provide solutions for e-learning providers, trade associations and software development companies.

Since 2012 we have developed our online 360 Feedback Manager in order to produce a more flexible, adaptable system that can be used for a multitude of purposes such as employee engagement, team feedback and more in-depth psychometric analysis.  

In 2015 we formed a collaboration with Ed Lozano to utilize animations for rater feedback and student assessments. Ed now heads our client relations, business development and marketing in the USA.

Our systems are deployed to analyze: competencies; employee engagement; training evaluation; personality and return on investment, and are typically used in employee appraisals, leadership courses, e-learning, training and coaching, psychometric and recruitment.

Quality Management

What binds the organisation together so strongly is our adoption of ISO9001 quality management standards since we were successful in 2008 with an external audit by UKAS and subsequently by external ISO 9001 qualified consultants. 


In Q3 2018 we are completing a Risk Assessment, leading to planned ISO27001 certification in Q4 2018. This will  increase security to protect our own and our client's data.  The two ISOs ensure our organization stays robust, especially useful as we work in remote virtual  teams with our highly talented people picked from around the globe.

ISO9000 Quality Managed Standards - Procedures in place that ensure we are delivering continuous improvement and quality, via your feedback. 

ISO27001 – Security Standard - Procedures to ensure our and client's data is secure and our Intellectual Property is protected by Q4 2018

Our Team

Khaled Rashid




Manages all our 360 projects and liaises with developers

James Hunt
Khaled Rashid
Ed Lozano

Our partner consultants

Our partner consultants are available to help you understand your clients' needs and craft the right questionnaire for their organisation.

Tiffany Bowles
Deborah Godbold