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A flexible, automated platform

for all types of online multi-rater project


Our platform enables you to run a range of typical projects,

such as leadership, recruitment or employee evaluation, straight away, or you can easily customise to match your clients' requirements.

It is available in three different forms:

Fully Managed, Self-Managed and Bespoke.

Manage my project for me

We advise, set up and manage your project for you or in partnership with you.

You can monitor your project's progress via your own dashboard,
and print reports.

From only £99 per month

Take me to my


Manage your projects  in your own dashboard.

For a detailed preview, click below and your dashboard will be set up for you instantly.

Start your 14 day free trial

Includes 1 Project and 1 Subject.

Access all features.

Give me a fully bespoked solution

Integrate your own questionnaire design, algorithms and reports designs

Ideal for psychometric surveys, knowledge assessment, before-and-after intervention analysis  or benchmarking behaviours.

Only £1,500 plus subscription

We're passionate about measuring
competencies and behaviours in organisations

Integrated Rater Training Videos

We are able to quickly create training videos for you that enable raters to give more useful, higher quality feedback. These can be integrated into the platform so that they are available to the rater at the appropriate stage of the feedback process. This enables you to train your raters quickly and cost-effectively, without the need for a lunch and learn event, let alone a training day. Find out more....

Project Goals

360 Degree Feedback Manager allows you to choose from pre-configured Goals such as Evaluation (e.g. employee appraisal), identifying leadership skills, or recruitment potential, which pre-populate your project parameter settings, the subject and raters' questions, competency statements, email notification style and report format and content. You can also create your own goals easily and quickly.


Provide evidence of appraisals, identify

strengths and witnesses and support your

employees' professional development.


Mesure the results of your Leadership

Development Programmes, Identify talent and

enable your high performers to fly higher.


Identify candidates likely to excel, pare down

your shortlist and find people who will fit into

the teams and company culture.

Create your own

Our flexible system enables you to add your

own 360 project parameters and modify the

questionnaires, notifications and reports.

Fully customizable reports

Our standard report is suitable for most 360 projects and is fully customizable, with the ability to edit static and dynamic text to match your client's terminology, choose from a variety of graphic components and use your own branding.


Use your client's algorithms and psychometrics

Whilst our platform is fully customizable there will be times when your client needs to use their own algorithms or behavioural models.

We can easily incorporate more complex algorithms and individual questionnaire types.

Consultants choose us because:

They are able to offer their clients a system that is robust, scalable and that has been fully security-vetted

Our platform is widely used in  healthcare, retail and finance as well as in educational institutes.

We partner with them to  help them secure deals with new clients.

The Raters can access our online Rater training videos  throughout the feedback process.